Alachua Co, FL



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Caraway, Ellie Winney  23 May 1893Alachua Co, FL I9130
2 Caraway, Estella  1913Alachua Co, FL I9167
3 Caraway, I. D.  2 Aug 1917Alachua Co, FL I9168
4 Caraway, Joseph Ander  10 Jun 1901Alachua Co, FL I9164
5 Caraway, Leona Lawlie  14 Apr 1900Alachua Co, FL I9163
6 Caraway, Lonnie Kallan  5 May 1905Alachua Co, FL I9165
7 Caraway, Lula  1910Alachua Co, FL I9166
8 Henry, Robert W.  18 Nov 1886Alachua Co, FL I9183
9 Horne, Daisy Dell  Aug 1883Alachua Co, FL I9190
10 Horne, Olive Evelyn  Aug 1878Alachua Co, FL I9189
11 Sapp, Alice  23 Jan 1882Alachua Co, FL I9159
12 Sapp, Amma  9 Nov 1900Alachua Co, FL I9177
13 Sapp, Charles Hartford  24 Sep 1906Alachua Co, FL I9179
14 Sapp, Julia M  13 Aug 1899Alachua Co, FL I9176
15 Sapp, Lawrence Edwin  6 Feb 1909Alachua Co, FL I9182
16 Sapp, Rhoda  1904Alachua Co, FL I9178
17 Sapp, Tillis  Abt 1911Alachua Co, FL I9180


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Caraway, I. D.  29 Nov 1983Alachua Co, FL I9168
2 Sapp, Lawrence  Abt 1960Alachua Co, FL I9173
3 Sapp, Rhoda  Abt 1940Alachua Co, FL I9178
4 Sapp, Tillis  Abt 1912Alachua Co, FL I9180