Sopchoppy, Wakulla Co, FL



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Caraway, Robert Ervin  24 Jul 1877Sopchoppy, Wakulla Co, FL I9126
2 Roddenberry, Alice Bly  26 Nov 1908Sopchoppy, Wakulla Co, FL I9425
3 Roddenberry, Frances Elizabeth  6 Aug 1852Sopchoppy, Wakulla Co, FL I8147
4 Roddenberry, James Henry  1859Sopchoppy, Wakulla Co, FL I9204
5 Roddenberry, Martha Louvina  12 Apr 1884Sopchoppy, Wakulla Co, FL I9297
6 Roddenberry, Mary A.  15 Nov 1848Sopchoppy, Wakulla Co, FL I8146
7 Roddenberry, Nathaniel Ray (Nat)  22 May 1892Sopchoppy, Wakulla Co, FL I9419
8 Roddenberry, Penelopy  May 1858Sopchoppy, Wakulla Co, FL I9225
9 Roddenberry, Reginald Reed  15 Feb 1903Sopchoppy, Wakulla Co, FL I9423
10 Roddenberry, Robert Lee (Bob)  1 Feb 1876Sopchoppy, Wakulla Co, FL I9275
11 Roddenberry, Robertus (Bert)  30 Sep 1890Sopchoppy, Wakulla Co, FL I9418
12 Roddenberry, Ruby Lea  10 Sep 1909Sopchoppy, Wakulla Co, FL I9444
13 Roddenberry, Samuel Edison  22 Dec 1914Sopchoppy, Wakulla Co, FL I9445
14 Roddenberry, Sarah  22 Jun 1853Sopchoppy, Wakulla Co, FL I8148
15 Roddenberry, Simon Love  1 Dec 1917Sopchoppy, Wakulla Co, FL I9428
16 Roddenberry, Tilton Burdette  20 Nov 1905Sopchoppy, Wakulla Co, FL I9424
17 Roddenberry, Winny  Apr 1858Sopchoppy, Wakulla Co, FL I8149


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 McKenzie, Marvin Thadeus  4 Jan 1922Sopchoppy, Wakulla Co, FL I9329
2 Roddenberry, Amos Don  4 Sep 1985Sopchoppy, Wakulla Co, FL I16307
3 Roddenberry, Classie Ann  9 May 1908Sopchoppy, Wakulla Co, FL I5094
4 Roddenberry, Mary Ann  1927Sopchoppy, Wakulla Co, FL I9116
5 Roddenberry, Penelopy  Mar 1894Sopchoppy, Wakulla Co, FL I9225
6 Roddenberry, Reginald Reed  7 Mar 1976Sopchoppy, Wakulla Co, FL I9423
7 Roddenberry, Sampson  23 Dec 1901Sopchoppy, Wakulla Co, FL I9217
8 Shores, Bedia Viola  23 Apr 1970Sopchoppy, Wakulla Co, FL I9443
9 Syfrett, Louella  10 Jun 1914Sopchoppy, Wakulla Co, FL I9267
10 Winburn, Martha  Abt 1864Sopchoppy, Wakulla Co, FL I9265


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Roddenberry, Mary Ann  1927Sopchoppy, Wakulla Co, FL I9116